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You may be wondering what the difference is between debt resolution and bankruptcy. Both are strategies designed to help you reduce credit card debt, along with stopping all those collection agencies and creditors from calling you every day.

To understand which option will offer you better opportunities for your personal situation, count on our team at Holston & Huntley to give you the exact advice you need to make your decision. Our debt resolution attorneys in Atlanta are committed to helping you clear your debt and get back to living your life.

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What Is Debt Resolution?

Debt resolution involves negotiating the method, timing, and amount of debt you owe. You and your creditors can arrange a reasonable plan to start eliminating your remaining charges. While you may still need to pay back a substantial portion of the loan, the reduced payment scheme can make it much more manageable.

If exorbitant interest rates are causing you to accumulate more and more debt each month, debt resolution might be helpful, as it halts the accrual of interest. This means you could just pay your owed debts rather than adding more to it through interest.

Bankruptcy Through Chapter 7 & Chapter 13

The point of bankruptcy, unlike debt resolution, is not to merely minimize interest. Instead, you have the possibility of discharging your debts for good, or at least greatly reducing the amount of debt.

Some of the advantages of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy include:

  • General legal protection that is not available through debt resolution
  • Reorganization or discharge of debt, rather than just a reduction of your interest
  • The court's ability to force creditors into settlement agreements (unlike with debt resolution, in which creditors can still extract your funds after obtaining a court judgment)
  • The automatic stay, which orders creditors to halt their collection process and harassing calls
  • A pause of late fees/interest

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In terms of choosing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or debt resolution, every person has a different situation. The solution that works well for your friend or family member might not work as well for you. This is why you will want to immediately contact our experienced debt resolution lawyers in Atlanta. Depending on your unique circumstances and the amount of secured or unsecured debt you owe, our experienced team at Holston & Huntley can guide you to the resolution that maximizes your relief.

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